…This is a massively important and influential part of my script writing process, shot designs and performances from cast. Music hugely inspires my vision and tone for a film/scene. Again, the music, like an actor, brings a certain quality and energy and it has to slot in perfectly for it to be justified.. There were only two tracks within this project that I had already pre-designed before I even wrote the script. The Eels ‘Prizefighter’ & DeVotchka ‘New World’. I’m delighted that I have been able to use some of Manchester’s finest musicians; Tim Booth and Puressence, having become friends with both, I’m deeply grateful for their support and excited to reflect their music to my vision. I’m also very enthusiastic to support un signed artists and one makes its way into this film. We all have to support one another right……” – Simon Powell

The Girl Shaped Love Drug soundtrack features: