“Born and raised is his beloved Salford, Simon’s passion and commitment to film making is second to none. Having written, produced and directed 3 shorts films spanning 2003 – 2007 and touring the world wide festival circuit with the support from the British Council. Simon embarked on making his debut feature film, Poor Wee Me, which toured across the UK art house cinema circuit in 2009/2010 and opening numerous festivals. This was an outstanding achievement, as the film was produced for £1,400. Having successfully completed principle photography on his 2nd feature film, GirlShapedLoveDrug, the film will be screened within the Greater Manchester Film Festival in October 2012.”

The genesis for this film was down to two experiences. 1) A woman that I love deeply and 2) Deano Small (real life person I met in Bristol). I really wanted to write and direct something that removed me from my previous film. I simply wanted to create an offbeat love story set in old Manchester, in black and white, with a tiny cast and minimum locations. The script was written over a 5 day period in the Autumn of 2011 and with a love story being the oldest story in the book and the most natural, organic feeling us humans experience, I decided to shoot against the back drop of old Manchester to support the organic nature of the tone and performances from the cast. We allowed scenes to play out like theatre in much of the film to create a natural feel and to give the actors the opportunity to breathe, be spontaneous and grow within a scene. I’m delighted with what we achieved.” – Simon Powell

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